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!!CLOSED!! by azolitmin !!CLOSED!! by azolitmin
HI EVERYONE!!! I collabed with owuru to create some of the most beautiful purrmaids in existence because her lines are freakin /amazing/!!!!! I'm very sad to let these two babies go but we both splurged quite a bit and our paypals are crying so T_T hopefully they both go to very loving homes! ANYWAYS i'd like to apologize for the severe lack of purrmaid info i'm slowly working on a weebly for them SO HOPEFULLY, i'll have their traits and lore down pat (and i would also like to draw my very neglected purrinces LMAO T_Ttt!!!)
also me and owl are also working on a purrmaid group as well so keep an eye out for it!!

                                                                                        KING FISHER
                                                                          two pairs of back fins (uncommon)
                                                                                  scaled collar (uncommon) 
                                                                            odd-shaped feelers (uncommon)
                                                                                        baby ears (rare)
                                                                               tail fins count: 5 pairs (rare)

                                                                                              MI. 5$
                                                                                              SB. 50$
                                                                                              AB. 500$

                                                                                wrist fins (uncommon)
                                                                                    folded ears (rare)
                                                                          tail fins count: 2 pairs (common)
                                                                     FEELER TRINKETS!! (new trait! - rare)
                                            (does not have star scales! they're just markings this time round sorry folks~)

                                                                                              MI. 5$
                                                                                              SB. 50$
                                                                                              AB. 500$

                                                                                  SNIPE GUARD: 30 MINS
                                                                              END DATE: 25/6/2015 @ 5PM PST

• upon winning the adopt you will receive the full res. transparent file (unwatermarked)
• you are allowed to trade or resell (unless you receive the adopt through a trade)
• if you are selling the adopt you are only allowed to sell it for the original price HOWEVER if you have commissioned art of the adopt then you can add that onto the original price
• AB is not a price tag, please dont comment about the price 
• Paypal only
• All prices are in USD
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June 23, 2015
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